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  • Jan 21, 2021

White vs Black Hat SEO What is the Difference?

Black Hat SEO refers to the techniques and strategies that are used to achieve high search rankings and break search engine rules. Black Hat SEO focuses only on search engines and not so much for human audiences. Black Hat SEO is commonly used by people who are looking for a quick return to their site rather than a long-term investment on their site. Some of the techniques used in Black Hat SEO include: keyword stuffing, link farming, hidden text and links, and blog content spamming. Your site could possibly be banned from search engines as a result of Black Hat SEO and indexed as a penalty for using unethical techniques.

As with any industry such as SEO, you come across many different opinions about the most effective methods to approach site optimization. And although many of these tactics can work, and the idea of ??which is "the best" is largely subjective, there is a difference you should be aware of: White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO. Although some SEOs may characterize these as two different schools of thought, they are not so similar classifications as a right and wrong way to do SEO. So in this page, we will get into the differences between white hat and black hat SEO, as well as the strategies involved in each and some white hat SEO examples. We will also discuss in a general category, and "What is Gray Hat SEO?"

White hat SEO techniques:

1. Quality material

Good quality content is one of the important part because it shows search engines that your site is unique and appropriate to display. It is very important to research keywords that are both short and long tail and relevant to your site as well. Be sure to include keywords naturally in titles, link anchor text and page titles. Next it is important to add new relevant content regularly. The more rich your site is, the more valuable it is to search engines, human visitors, and webmasters, the most likely links to your site. Although it may take time to create quality content, it will be worth it in the long run.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat technique SEO is the opposite of White Hat SEO.

If a strategy meets the following criteria, it can be classified as a black hat.
1. It violates search engine guidelines

The Black Hat strategy violates Google's guidelines, and in many cases, refers directly to these guidelines, as you should not use those practices.
2. It depends on the manipulative strategy

While white hat SEO includes ways to improve the user experience, black hat SEO relies on manipulating Google's algorithms to improve rankings.

Simply put, if Google designed a strategy to think that a site offers users more value than it actually is, it is misleading - and this is Black Hat SEO.
3. It focuses on "quick wins"

Many of the strategies involved in Black Hat SEO focus on exploiting flaws in Google's algorithm that can improve rankings without much work.

And while some of these strategies may produce results, they are almost always short-lived.

Because Google is constantly improving its algorithm to provide the best results to searchers, and to prevent site owners who do not provide good sites ranking well.

This means that sites using Black Hat Strategy risk losing their ranking every time they update their algorithm - this makes for a much shorter-term approach than white hat SEO.