What Is The Google Knowledge Graph

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What Is The Google Knowledge Graph

Google's search article now contains more than 500 billion facts about 5 billion entities, according to Google's search license, Danny Sultan. Google's Knowledge Graph is responsible for generating the box shown in search results for queries about people, places, and things. Those boxes, called knowledge panels, present a list of important facts drawn from the knowledge graph.

How Google Generates Knowledge Panels

Knowledge panels are generated automatically, which is what Google thinks of updating these things manually by someone. Google's automated system aims to show the most relevant and popular information for an entity in a knowledge panel. What is shown in the Knowledge panel will vary from unit to unit, but Google will typically include:

1. Subject Title and Brief Summary

2. Long description of the subject

3. Picture or picture of person, place or thing

4. Key facts, such as when a notable figure was born or where something is located

5. Social profiles and links to official websites


A knowledge panel may also include more specific information depending on the type of body included. For example, some types of knowledge panels may include:

1. Songs by music artists

2. Upcoming episode of tv show

3. Roster of sports teams

Where Does the Information Come From?

Google's Knowledge Graph, introduced in 2012, derives its information from web content and licensed databases. Wikipedia is one of the most cited sources, but it is not the only source.

Multiple Knowledge Panels on Mobile

Since knowledge panels were first launched, search behavior has shifted to the point where most of the activity now occurs on mobile. Knowledge panels were originally designed for desktop search, and were initially not very compatible with mobile screens. Mobile screen size does not allow for side-by-side displays on desktops in the same way. To work around this, Google offers several knowledge panels in mobile search that span across SERPs.

Knowledge Panel Changing


Sullivan acknowledges that mistakes can occur in the knowledge graph, thereby displaying incorrect information in search results. If you get an inaccuracy, you can notify Google by selecting the "Feedback" option. Google uses this feedback to improve the knowledge graph by analyzing how errors are not detected. In addition, Google will remove such erroneous facts that are brought to its attention, especially when they relate to topics of public interest. Those who have "claimed" their own knowledge panel, such as an individual or company, can communicate the change directly to Google at any time.

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