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  • CodeAspire
  • Oct 06, 2021

Tips to Boost App Downloads

Your application has been now ready after a long team work and efforts. Setting all the parameters to a large extent its been published on the play store. 

But here you came to know that in such a crowded space, there is a need to make some extra efforts to comete with apps in similar domain and increase the count of app downloads.

We at CodeAspire, with years of experience we have summed up our plans and strategy in a few points called growth hacks. Applying those will surely result in standing your app infront of crowd, ranking on popular keywords and inversely boost up your download count.


1. App Store Optimization - ASO

One of the most important ways of increasing app downloads is App Store Optimization. However, it requires a constant effort to be successful. Most marketers tend to be under the impression that app store rankings depend on metadata such as keywords, ratings, description, and reviews, however, there is more to it. Links on several plaform should also be pushed. It works in same contrast as Backlinking for a website works.

2. App Icon and Creative Screenshots

The icon of your app is the first impression drawer thing to be maintained someone sees on the app or the play store. As such the design of the app is very crucial for the success of your app. 

3. Bug and Crash Free Application

All the analytical tools including Google Analytics and Report on Google Play Console always reflects the Crash and Bug Report Analytics Chart.

Google always tries to serve users an app thats run smothly and minimal chances of Crashes. Developer needs to always take care of that the Mobile application is gone through manual/ automated testing before publishing on store.

4. Main Store Listing

Main Store Listing holds a major portion of ASO. Update in Headline, Shotline, Desciption, Hashtags, Screenshots attachment, Functionality of Mulitple Language based for segmented users. 
Frequent addition and updation in Main Store Listing always have a good impact on Ranking and increases the availability to more users.
Description with relevant keyword pays a major impact on ranking in search result of Google Play Store.

5. Rating & Review

Rating and Review on Store are a showcase which attracts a user to have a trust on the app and install it. Reviews tells a lot about user experience and the value to users. Availabilty of multiple similar apps; its upto user which one he/she prefers installling and using. Positive reviews always results in driving +points in users mind and forces him to use.

Rating also matters a lot. Most of the time apps with rating less than 4 are not shown in the upper search results. 
You can ask your users to post a 5 Star Rating and Review to app; if they actually benefited from that. Google & Apple too pushes the ranking up in case App Holds a rating of 4.5+.

6. Size of APK

Really! All size matters to a large extent!!
A large portion of users are on mobile data connection. It makes complex for mobile data users, especially on 2g, 3g network to download apps.

Except Gaming Apps, Size of an iOS app should not be more than 15 MB and size of android apps should not cross the limit size of 100 MB.

7. App Updates

Release Updates for Application frequently; not only maintains a loyalty and new feature availability; but also helps keep app in their minds whenver they recieve a notification for app updation. Algorithm of Google and Apple are also designed as such that they push the app's ranking up with regular updates which maintains the commitment of developer towards the app users.