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  • Apr 29, 2020

Online education during COVID19 epidemic

Education is one of the major parts of life, especially for students, who are are not able to study properly nowadays due to COVID19 and the lockdown.

There so many panels already available over the internet providing online service. If we talk about India, there so many students who hail from the rural areas who are not aware of this. Few of them are not able to use such service due to poor internet connectivity.  

For those students, team CodeAspire suggests to the local area coaching centres, schools, and colleges to provide online course availability directly. 

All colleges and schools have some different syllabus. As per the requirement colleges, schools, coaching institutes can connect with us. Our team will provide you the required software as per the need in limited time, which will empower the students directly 

Codeaspire will also provide the embedded software system for online examination and their whole record i.e student class detail, subject details, parents' detail- the direct result will appear on the software system.

We believe in the best education system so that we can help schools, and colleges to make own internal software systems.

Being a developing country like India, If we provide good educations then only will the nation grow. 

Codeaspire gives its best regards to the state government also for taking great steps in the education system. Together, we can destroy barriers and can provide the best education system.

Now we can go ahead, why online education during covid19?  

Due to this epidemic, all colleges and schools all over India are closed. Every decade some problems come and go. We will have to make alternative solutions to solve these problems.

Now we can provide online test series, classes, and short term online group class. We know that every student wants to grow in their life, but may be help back due to lack of proper guidance.

If any college or school needs their own software they can connect with us on

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