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  • Jun 02, 2020

Impact of AI in the Healthcare Industry

Impact of AI in the Healthcare Industry and how Codeaspire can help?

AI has multiple impacts on our day to day life. We can see the AI in Movies, AI assist pilots in flying the modern jet, AI in everyday mails, AI used in social media. However, the most important impact of Ai is in the Healthcare industry.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, “chronic diseases and conditions are on the rise worldwide.” SARS, Ebola or COVID 19 is at its peak. The speed of spreading increases day by day we need something to overcome this. We need our health industry more fast and efficient.

Artificial intelligence redefines the whole health care system. AI is needed for zero numbers of errors. So, it is easy for practitioners to predict the right disease.

Do you know in US Medical error is 3rd leading cause of death.

 Medical error—the third leading cause of death in the US | The BMJ



Virtual health assistant helps patients to stay up to date about their medications and set reminders to ensure that the patient stays in the track. VHA can give treatment for common medical problems and tell about diet restrictions. It can send reminders to doctors on behalf of patients. 




                  AI is used to improve readings if CT scans, MRI and, X-ray. It automatically boosts up the speed. AI is also used for cancer diagnosis. A recent study in a journal of national cancer institute shows that AI technology predicts breast cancer more accurately than an average breast radiologist.

Google parent company Alphabet is also working on AI which helps to find metastasis using high level image recognition. The program will help to do in a fast manner.

AI in Medical Diagnosis Software Solutions | Artificial Intelligence


                      Healthcare bots, which are found in mobile messaging apps, can help patients quickly and in real time simply by sending a message. It learns and mimics human conversation. It detects emotions and handles the patient according to it. It performs complex image detection and also detects barcodes and handwritten notes.

How Chatbots and AI are Changing the Healthcare Industry


            AI can reduce costs by 50% and improve outcomes by 30%. If we get real data of our information in 1st check up then we don’t need to go hospital again and again. Doctors also get data from patients at one time which decreases readmission again and again.


               AI is already transforming the medical industry by helping clinics better arrange their workflow, simplifying the process of diagnostics and decision making for doctors, and offering valuable adjustments to lifestyle for patients.

Industry leaders forecast that not only existing solutions of using AI in medical diagnosis will be improved, but also new ways of its convergence with medicine will appear. For instance, AI is predicted to accelerate the drug creation process as well.


AI: Researchers use machine learning to find source of viruses ...


The future of artificial intelligence in healthcare is better medical outcomes achieved through more accurate diagnosis and advanced treatment. AI can have a huge and positive impact on doctors and patients in healthcare. Individuals without access to highly specialized healthcare could gain the benefit of that experience through AI. Healthcare costs could potentially drop due to earlier and more accurate diagnoses.

HOW Codeaspire help you?

Software Developer at CodeAspire • Noida • Remote (Work from Home ...

Codeaspire is a technology based software company. If you need any mobile application or website Codeaspire provides it to you. You can consult your doctors on it. Doctors can give appointments to patients very easily. If any patient is aged then the doctor can give medications via application and website. It is helpful for both doctors and patients. So it can increase your demand and of course, it will help to build your carrier at the next level. 

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