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  • May 28, 2020

How Will Android 11 Feature Impact Your Mobile Application

Android is the leading operating system in the world. It controls the mobile OS market with 74.13 percent share (data of December 2019). Android 10 was released in September 2019 with great features such as dark mode. Android 10 is evidence of the growth and maturity graph of android and have a great impact on the mobile application.

Android 11 is the Successor of Android 10 with some new exciting features and technical enhancements. Firstly the features here are developer preview so it is possible that there may be some changes when the final version came out. Google releases small update to Android 11 Developer Preview with ...


Now let see what’s new in this developer preview.

Some New Features introduced in Android 11:

  • One- time Permission
  • Improvements in Messaging from different Apps
  • Built-in screen recorder
  • Preparation of 5G
  • Adaptation of different screen types


  • One-time Permission: 

                              Security is always our main concern. In Android 10, we can give permission to apps to access our personal information such as Location, Microphone, camera, contacts and more. Android 11 is on the same track.

It has something new that you can give temporary permission to applications or we can say you can give app permission for a one-time basis. It will keep your personal data safe. Once you shut down the app the permission will be revoked.



  • Improvement in Messaging from different Apps:

Chatting is the favorite way of expressing their views among many users. Keeping this in mind developers adds new messaging experience which you may love to add in your system.

Chat Bubble: A similar feature we can see on Facebook. Now it is not limited to Facebook now you can use it in every messaging app. You can access multiple chat heads at one time. You can use another work and chat heads are still on your screen. This will surely make the chatting experience better.

Chat in the notification: you can chat easily in the notification panel now. In notification shade, the user can easily find their ongoing chat

Send images in notification replies: Now in notification reply to ongoing chat you can send images too. If your device has a copy and paste feature it is really useful for you.


  • Built-in Screen Recorder:

                      This is a much awaited feature for android users. Everyone wanted Google to incorporate this feature. This is a very basic need but important to add. So, this time Google added this feature which was accomplished by UI and toggle for recording audios and showing touching effects on the screen.

  • Preparation of 5G:

                    5G is a faster network. Everyone is waiting for 5G too. You can stream 4k videos, high resolution games and much more with ease. As 5G is on its way so, Google introduces the feature in Android 11 that can access 5G in your device.

Android 11 has ‘Dynamic Meterdness API’. From this, if your connection is unmetered then it offers you high resolutions with good quality. The Device which came with 5G get benefited from this.


  • Adaptation of Different Screen types:

                             This feature is especially for the foldable screen which is new but very famous in the market these days.

Now in android apps can manage Pinhole and Waterfall screens. With the help of new API now you can access the waterfall screen on the whole display including edges. Yes, I know this is exciting.

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Impact of Android 11 on Your Mobile:


If you want to migrate in Android 11 then there are few changes which are listed and explained below:

  • RESTRICT THE POP-UP PERMISSION DIALOG BOX:  When the permission dialog box appears you can easily restrict them by double clicking ‘Deny’. The Device automatically understands it as ‘Don’t ask again’. This will help your mobile application to grow.

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  • APP USAGE DATA AND STATS ARE SECURED: now Android 11 will store data of app usage in credential encrypted storage. So, without any coding work, it is impossible to access your data.
  • LESS DATA REDUNDANCY: In the android, the situation involves media playback or machine learning needs a different database every time. You and the app both need a database. But now to reduce data redundancy a large database is their which uses shared data blobs.
  • INCREMENTAL APK INSTALLATION: We all know installing an app is sometimes time consuming and very irritating. So now in Android 11, there is a feature called incremental APK installation. We can stream in background and this feature will accelerate the process by installing enough APK needed to launch the app.
  • SUPPORT FOR 5G AND NEUTRAL NETWORK APPLICATIONS: Now you can see the high quality video and faster network on your device. Machine Learning apps can function seamlessly. You get better experience and relationship with your device.

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Now when Android 11 launched we will definitely get to know the exact impact on the Device. But whatever happens, it is definitely a step up for the technology world.