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  • Jan 18, 2021

Designing a website for millennials What things to take car

Make Your Site Mobile friendly

Most of companies that target millennials will do a big job of their own by making their website mobile-friendly. In addition to the benefits of search engine optimization after Google started awarding sites that are mobile-friendly, more and more millennials are accessing websites on their phones. According to a study by, 90 percent of millennials own a smartphone 55 and above, or 68 percent of people 30 to 54, compared to only 40 percent. When designing a mobile-friendly website, here are some suggestions:

1. Ensure that your website pages load quickly. On average, people expect a load time of two seconds or less, says KISSmetrics.

2. Use the same material. Instead of designing two different sites with different content, keep it the same to avoid confusing users who might leave your page thinking they had reached a point where they were not .

3. Optimize the mobile experience with swipe-friendly and tap-friendly content. Make navigation easier.

4. There is nothing worse than layers of drop down menus and navigation features on handheld devices.


Offer custom self service Options

The 2014–15 Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report revealed that 95 percent of customers expect some form of self-service to support a product or service. Most important thing is having a self-service support option helps your company develop a favorable opinion among users, millennials who are particularly concerned with problems with technology rather than reaching out to a living customer service representative Are used to solve.

User experience design

A quick glance as user statistics will show you that the user experience is quickly becoming differentiated among competitors, especially as technology is fueling a growing global economy. In fact, most users say they will pay more for a product if they are guaranteed a good user experience and the number one reason people switch to a competitor is a bad user experience. Growing up in an age where not only everything is easily accessible, but the option abundantly raises millennial expectations even more than the average bear. If your website is slow, there are items that don't load, or are very difficult to navigate, no big deal - there are literally hundreds of thousands of other sites, where they can possibly find the same information.

Promote social sharing

So many social sharing, badges, games, free stuff, you get the picture. Make sure you have all share icons on all your pages, especially fresh content like blogs. This makes it easy for millennials to share their content with others. It is also important, if possible, for some kind of loyalty program or rewards program where users can earn badges, points, or freebies by using your service, purchasing their products, or promoting their business. All these things will help turn Millennials into loyal repeat users.