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Are you a student, Part time job seeker or unemployed? Do you need money to pay your bills or for vacation or full fill your daily need? Money is the basic need for all of us to survive. It does not always feel good to lend money when you can earn.

If you have the ability if you are passionate about something if you are a hard worker and you have the technology it is possible to earn money online. But the thing is online earning is long term process, not an instant one. You have to wait for a while to be a successful money earner. You know that’s not magic at all. So believe in you and wait for your skill full magic to be turned on. 

In online earning, there are many malicious sites or apps as they are part of a scam or illegal activities. So be aware and alert. Please do not trust on all the sites. Before you start work just check whether it is authentic or not.

So here are some ways for you to earn online with the help of technology:

Online Surveys:

Yes, that easy. It is simple as you think you just have to take surveys and you get money or rewards. But this does not give you a lot of money. You can earn a little amount with every successful survey.

This is not for those job seekers who have skills and want to show them to the world. For this type of job, you don’t need time to learn skill just start instantly.


Review Apps and Websites:

Yes, just as previous one this job does not need any skill and it saves your time and you can start instantly. Many companies or site which sells the products are always trying to hire people to who review their product and sites. This will increase their rating and reach of their product increases. But everyone needs real people to do that. So, if you are interested then you can apply.


Online Tutor or Instructor:

Demand on online teaching is increasing day by day. Like in this time of COVID-19 no one wants to step out of their house but in all this students can’t stop studying. They need teachers who can teach them online. So, if you are passionate about teaching you are welcome.


This job needs skills. You have to think about which subject suits you best and once you got it you are in. Some platforms are Chegg tutor, Vedantu, Unacademy, magic ears, and many more.

Be a YouTuber:

YouTube is a very famous platform and a search engine. Many personalities earn money from YouTube. If you are a person who is comfortable in making videos and have good content you are ready to make YouTube videos.untitled2.png

You can make videos about entertainment, fashion, Education, general facts etc. You need some skills here like content, creativity, editing, or communication. After getting more than 1000 followers use Google Adsense. You can also give a review of the products here.

Content Writing:

If you love to write then start it now. There is a lot of demand for content writers in digital marketing. It is not necessary but it gives you more chances if you know SEO. It does not need any specified education.untitled3.png

But you have to think this as a long term profession. As you write more and more your skills increase and you can earn good money from this.

Write and publish your Kindle book:

This is the same as content writing but this needs more skills. If you have good content or story then write a book and publish it on kindle.


Stock Market Trading:

In the Stock market, you need to invest some money. This investment is for making a trading account. From this, you can make money very fast and lose money very fast. 


You need to learn how the stock market works how stokes rise and how they go down. This is a little bit of risky because by only one wrong step you can lose your whole money which you invest. This is little bit tricky work.

Make money from social media:

Our generation is very much active on a social media platform like Instagram, Facebook. If you are pro in social media you can start your work as a social media influencer. You can promote lots of stuff. You can manage the social media account of another person and charge them for this.


These types of platforms have lots of fan bases. So, marketing is easy. You get shocked if I tell you that many personalities charge thousands for posting a single post. If you get that much of followers you can earn lots of money.

Be a Freelancer:

To be a freelancer you need skills such as core skills and marketing. If you are a designer, programmer, graphic designer, marketer, photographer or even writer then you can start freelancing service and charge money according to your skills. Some freelancing sites are Freelancers, Fiverr, Upwork, and more.


Data Entry: 

Many of the data entry sites are scams. But if you can find a good authentic site. Then you must go on. This only needs fast typing speed. You just fill some forms. As you fill the form more you earn money. But that’s risky.



You have to write blogs. For this, you need your domain name. At that place, you have to start writing. You need to add a crowd to your site. You can add ads to an empty place and earn money from them.









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