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Enterprise Applications

CodeAspire has been entered in the age of the connected customer. Enterprise application provides connections with their customers and employees offer enormous value from streams of real-time data. The data that can be unlocked with apps.

CodeAspire provides the high productivity cloud platforms eliminate the barriers to enterprise-level application development.

Why Enterprise Applications?

  • Faster application development tools
  • Strong Security.
  • Large Scalability.
  • Support for disruptive innovations
  • Ecosystem that accelerates innovation
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Our top enterprise application are

CRM software

We provide best CRM services that include features like workflow automation, dedicated document libraries, role-based user access, multi-currency support, email integration and tracking, and lead capture from websites and custom reporting.

Project Management Tools

Usually, tools like these give an overview of all active projects, but allow you to dive into each one to check every milestone, every detail, and every upcoming task you need to complete to keep your progress on schedule.


These software help in clearing all the activities and workflow. It makes work more transparent and coherent. The system also integrates with other important enterprise software tools, including CRM, BI, financial information, inventories, asset and supply chain management technology.

Google Analytics

Here at Codeaspire, we have utilized Google Analytics as a mission critical application time and time again and, additionally, we’ve published a blog about how to work with its data in our platform. With this application, your business’ sales and marketing efforts will improve substantially with features.

Sales & marketing software

This helps in increasing efficiency and improves accuracy of any work. This software helps Marketing teams in creating content or developing big, ambitious campaigns.

Grow your business with us.