How to do Keyword research for your website in 2021

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How to do Keyword research for your website in 2021

Keyword research is the process of searching for words and phrases (aka "keywords") that people use in search engines such as Google, Bing, and YouTube.

Keyword research is important because it is the fundamental aspect of any SEO strategy.

It guides every other aspect of your SEO.

It helps you choose and choose keywords, so that you can optimize your existing website content to increase visibility for relevant searches.

Creating a content plan to target your potential users and customers is also easy.

But why increase visibility on Google?

To answer this, take a look at this graph that shows clickthroughs to Google search results. When looking at this, keep in mind that each page of Google has 10 results

Best keyword research tool

Keyword research involves simply that: research. To do this, you need to have the right equipment in your arsenal. Below, we've listed some of the best research tools to help you crush the competition and win your SEO game.

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a trusted favorite for a reason. It gives you information directly from the source. The best thing is that it is a free keyword idea. Using Google Keyword Planner, you can get a quick snapshot of monthly search volume for keywords that are relevant to your business. But what makes it a great free keyword planning tool is the ability to check out the competition. Take a look at the screenshot above. You can see the competition level for different keywords, as well as the search volume per month. With this information, it is easy to find keywords and get opportunities to target search terms with high search volume and low keyword difficulty.

2. KWFinder

Once you have your initial list of topics, KWFinder is a great keyword research tool to help you dig in and out of your keyword list in depth. It gives you keyword suggestions, search volume, autocomplete questions and the actual questions people ask. Here is KWFinder "PPC Management" in action for the keyword:

Here’s the list of autocomplete recommendations:

The Suggestions and Autocomplete sections give you some additional keyword ideas. The questions show you what people are asking, which provides lots of topics for blog posts and other content. On top of this, KWFinder has been noted as the most accurate keyword difficulty ranking by other industry professionals. That way, you can actually evaluate how much competition there is, and focus your efforts accordingly.

3. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahref's Keyword Explorer provides a quick snapshot of every keyword as well as first-page competition and how many users actually click for the keyword. You can also see top queries, keyword ideas, and suggested keywords to rank with the same terms. Recently, the update of Ahrefs allows users to view global monthly search versions with country-specific search versions which is extremely useful.

Ahref keyword difficulty score system is another winner, as we can actually see an exact amount of backlinks needed for that keyword to be able to rank on the first page. The only major downside is that it is not a free option, but if you have many or many people using it, it is especially worth your bucks.

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